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Baking & Desserts

Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Prep 20 mins. /Cook 20 mins.

Serves 12




Salt Reduced Butter

Western Star Salt Reduced retains all the full creamy taste of classic Western Star butter but with just half the salt. Ideal for those who love the flavour of butter but prefer less salt in their diet. Expertly crafted from two natural ingredients, cream and salt.* Contains on average 45% less sodium than Western Star Original Butter, which contains 640 mg per 100g.


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White Chocolate, Pistachio, Cherry Trees

White Chocolate, Pistachio, Cherry Trees made with Western Star Chef's Choice Butter. 

Forgotten to soften the butter?

Grate butter coarsely, spread onto baking paper and stand for 10 minutes before using. Alternatively chop into 2cm cubes, microwave on 30% power in 10 second bursts until just softened.