Original Salted Butter

Champion Butter at the 2020 Australian Grand Dairy Awards. Ideal for savoury cooking and baking.

Chef's Choice Unsalted Cultured Butter

Delivers a creamier finish. Ideal for sweet baking and pastries.

Salt Reduced* Butter

Enjoy the creamy Western Star taste you love, with half the salt. Ideal for savoury cooking and baking.

Thickened Cream

Ideal for cooking, whipping and pouring. Proudly made in the Western District of Victoria.

Unsalted Butter

A versatile all-rounder that gives you control of seasoning in the kitchen. Ideal for sweet cooking and baking.

Spreadable Original Soft

Our original and creamiest spreadable.

Spreadable Supersoft

Our softest spreadable and 25% less fat than butter which contains 80.5g fat per 100g

Spreadable Soft'n'Less Salt*

Contains 40% less salt than Western Star Spreadable Original which contains 487mg sodium per 100g