Which butter is best?  A simple guide to the different types of butter

Using the right butter for each type of cooking and baking helps deliver the best results every-time.

But what type of butter should you use?

Original Salted Butter - Our Savoury Star

Salted butter is a versatile cooking staple.  Made with just two ingredients, Australian cream and salt, pure and natural salted butter enhances the flavour of food while adding an exceptional creamy texture.  Ideal for savoury cooking and baking.

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Unsalted Butter - Our Versatile Star

We know that unsalted butter and everyday baking are a perfect match.  But you don't have to relegate unsalted butter to only the world of sweet cooking.  Use pure and natural butter in any dish where you want to have control over the seasoning.

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Chef's Choice Unsalted Cultured Butter - Our Pastry Star

When you really want your pastry and baking to shine, unsalted cultured butter delivers with that sought after creamier continental taste.

And as an unsalted butter, Chef's Choice allows you full control over the seasoning of your dish.

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