Easter Recipes

Fussy Eaters?

Stir a squeeze of honey and dab of butter into steamed carrots, the kids are guaranteed to eat these veggies. 

Delicious crunch on toasties?

Use Western Star Spreadable on the outside of your bread for a golden delicious crunch! 

Making a sauce?

Enrich wine based sauces by whisking in a large knob of cold butter at the very end, it will give your sauce a richness, shine and round off any acidic flavours. 

Cooking rice by absorption method?

Add a knob of butter to the water for a delicious buttery flavour and separated grains. Especially great served with curries? 

Best ever green beans!

Melt a knob of butter in a fry pan until foamy, toss in your steamed green beans and slivered almonds until almonds are just golden. Delicious!